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If you're like me, every time you shop you immediately go to the sale rack!  While it's great to save a buck or two, there's nothing worse than being lured into a cheap service only to get hit on the back end with high hosting fees, hidden charges, and constant upsells.

I believe in 100% transparent pricing.  In otherwords, what you are quoted is what you pay, and no more.  It makes me cringe to see some designers out there charging $1000's of dollars for a simple website or eCommerce store.  I believe that everyone should get great quality product for a fair price.  To that end, my pricing is extremely competitive and I truly believe you will love the results you get.

That being said, let's cut to the chase and talk turkey.  I set up my pricing with two basic packages to make it easy for you to decide.   You can always start here, and later on if you want to add in some extra features there's always room to grow.   If you're not sure where to start - no problem!  Let's chat and we can decide on the best plan for you.

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Startup Package:

Just starting out?  The Startup Package is the perfect choice if you want to hit the ground running without spending a ton of money.

My Startup Package includes:

  • Branding consultation and Logo Design

  • Custom domain name

  • Interactive website (up to 5 pages) with general info, services, an About Me page, and Contact form that goes directly to your email

  • Social Media pages/groups setup

  • Customized Email Address setup


The one-time setup fee for this package is $99.


You can always start with this package and add additional applications (such as calendar linkups, booking, storefront, etc.) later on.  For details visit my FAQ's below or let's chat.


Art Storefront or
e-Commerce Package:

There's quite a buzz going around about starting up your own eCommerce or Art Storefront store.  There are so many choices available:  sell your own items, have items dropshipped from outside suppliers, design your own clothing line or artwork and use Print on Demand for fulfillment - the list goes on and on!

Storefront packages are a bit more complicated to set up but once the basic framework is up and running, it's super easy to just add, delete, or change up items and prices in your store.


My Storefront Package includes:

  • Branding consultation and Logo Design

  • Custom domain name

  • Interactive eCommerce website that is fully integrated with Dropshippers, Print on Demand Services, and many other fulfillment methods.  Your store is also integrated with ordering, payments, and everything you need to set up shop.

  • Social Media pages/groups setup

  • Customized Email Address setup


The one-time setup fee for this package is $399 for up to 25 store items.  If you plan on selling more than 25 items, or if you want to hook your store to major resellers like Amazon - yep, I can do that!  For details visit my FAQ's below or let's chat.

Optional Maintenance Plans

Some of my clients just want me to set up the basics and then I hand them the "keys" to their website and social media pages so they can make any changes or updates on their own.  Other clients don't want to deal with the tech or the upkeep, so I came up with an easy way to handle that with simple, easy-to-understand Maintenance Plans.

You can save big with the monthly maintenance plans below, or simply pay as you go at an hourly rate.  See the FAQ's below for details.


Do you work with any other platforms other than Wix?


For nearly 15 years Wix has been my go-to platform for building new sites.  I've worked with Wordpress, Squarespace, GoDaddy, Shopify, and many other web building software, but have found that none of these compare to the price and features offered by Wix.  That being said, though, I realize that sometimes a different platform is needed for various reasons, or maybe you've already had your site built using another platform that just needs some touch-up work.  Let's chat and discuss what your needs are and we can come up with a good solution that makes sense.


Are there any hidden charges?

As I said above, I hate hidden charges and so should you!  The only extra fee you will be paying in addition to your one-time setup charge listed above would be the monthly hosting fee (see answer below for pricing).  Wix also has add-on applications that are optional, and those usually cost only about $3-$5/month depending on what you need.  Once we talk about the type of site you need and any extra applications that you will need, such as online booking, live chat, etc., I will outline exactly what your monthly fees will be BEFORE we decide to work together.  

How much are the hosting fees?

This depends on what type of website you are building.  On Wix, for a basic website the hosting fee is as little as $24/month if you decide to go monthly, or you can get a discount if you pay yearly.  For an eCommerce site the hosting fee is $35/mo.  Email addresses are generally $7/mo each and can be forwarded to your personal email so you don't have to check more than one account.  Wix fees are paid directly to Wix and I do not benefit in any way from those payments.  There are several different plans on Wix and they often offer a 50% discount throughout the year, so let's chat about what your needs are and we can outline what the hosting fees will be.   Wix does have a "free" plan and I'm happy to forward your domain name to your free site, however keep in mind that your site will display Wix ads and will also lose a lot of features, such as the online store capability.  So it's really well worth the $17/mo to just get your site paid for and in premium status so you can enjoy all the perks that Wix has to offer!

What is the benefit of getting on a maintenance plan?  Is it required?

Some clients prefer that I simply set up all the tech for them, and then they want me to hand them the "keys" so they can update their site and products on their own.  If you feel you are capable of handling the maintenance of the website by yourself, I will give you some basic instructions via YouTube videos and I'll hand you full control of your site.   Some clients find that it's better to let someone else deal with all of the marketing and tech stuff though so they are free to do what they do best, which is deal with their customers.  Either way, you have a choice!

The maintenance plans are discounted rates for everything you need to keep your website and social media marketing up and running.  You can opt to just pay hourly for any services you need, though. See details in the next question.

What is your hourly rate?

If you decide not to go the maintenance plan route, you can pay as you go and simply hire us for the work that you need.  We generally charge $45/hr for website work and $75/hr for video creation and editing work.  Of course, we will bid out your job before we start so you know exactly what you will be paying.

If you have any other questions, feel free to Contact Me.

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